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1. Pocket width should be no less than the nominal.  Example; SLR 50 X 200.  The absolute minimum pocket width for this lock should be 2.0000 inches.
Minimum pocket width is listed for each size on the size charts right column, on the products pages of the website. View this page for inch standard side locks dimensions.
2. Make sure pocket is clean and free of burrs and debris prior to installation.
3. Install locks.
4. Using forefinger, depress cage and release quickly.  Cage should snap back to the full forward position.  If there is any intermittent movement, or slow return, remove female and check for obstruction.  If problem persists, contact Steve Bokich at 915-449-3310.
5. Make sure numerical sequence on male and females match, as these locks are ultra precise and custom fitted. They are not interchangeable.


These locks require no special maintenance, other than regular cleaning and lube at normal Preventative Maintenance intervals, no different than slides or lifters.

1. Remove Female.
2. Spray with mold cleaner or dip in dunk tank to thoroughly remove any grit or debris.
3. Be sure to clean inside the cage, as well as under it, as the cage must travel freely.  Clean inside spring pocket also.
4. Locks are shipped with Slide Super Grease ( Food Grade ), but any good quality grease is acceptable.
5. Apply new grease in side cage on bearings and also a small amount in spring pocket.
6. Wipe off tongue of male and apply a small amount of grease on the bearing surfaces.
7. Replace Female.
8. Repeat check with forefinger.


Remove female prior to lifting mold with chain or strap when mold is horizontal on the bench.  Failure to do so will damage the cage.