About Us

Extreme Components, LP is a company known for developing Alignment/Positioning devises for the Injection Mold Industry. Our use of Common Sense Engineering and the Laws of Physics has enabled us to actually change the expected performance molds can deliver with “Less” not more human intervention. We have documented cases of these simple, inexpensive devises eliminating damage to critical shut-offs causing flash, parting-line mismatch and inconsistency in part dimensioning.
We believe our products close a gap created in our industry when Mold Manufacturing along with the latest CAD/CAM software propelled our capabilities so far in such a short time frame. Tighter tolerances with much shorter lead times is here to stay, yet we often still rely on leader pins and old style alignment techniques in the molding process. Our products close this gap with the only devices in the world that shows Zero Clearance between the male and female after 10 Million Cycles. Ultra precision that does not wear over time. Please contact us for a free demonstration.