The only company in the world to offer
a lifetime guarantee against wear.

Zero Friction Technology

Needle Bearing Locks are designed to withstand the most demanding requirements in mold alignment, providing precise registration between the two halves of the tool. By utilizing technology that has been used for centuries, we were able to create locks that guarantee perfect alignment, every cycle, as well as eliminate wear caused by friction. Eliminating wear within the locks and providing perfect alignment allows you to maximize the utilization of your tools and materials which ultimately leads to lowered production costs and increased margins.

Needle Bearing Alignment

Needle Bearing Locks are a relatively new innovation that outperform all previous styles and designs of the various alignment devices. It is the only product of its kind that corrects the problem of misalignment regardless of leader pin wear, worn tie bars or improper mold setting. Needle bearings eliminate wear within the lock to guarantee that exact alignment is achieved every cycle over the lifetime of the lock.

Needle Bearing Locks offer precise registration between the two halves of the tool and feature a patented “live cage”, which allows for proper bearing performance, versus pocket-trapped rollers. The new animation illustrates these features and also shows unmatched “lifting power” to overcome misalignment due to platen sag.